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Distribution Center Security Guard

Distribution centers are enticing targets for criminals. They contain large quantities of new merchandise (the type that’s easy to sell anonymously on the Internet). The hustle and bustle of the operation, with trucks coming in and out, loading and unloading often around the clock, gives thieves the impression that no one would notice if packages went missing.

Inside Job With Outside Help. Individual workers can steal without help, but according to security expert Barry Brandman of Danbee Investigations, a more common scenario is for an employee to collude with a driver to remove stolen items.

Implement these security safeguards to reduce the temptation to steal:

Inventory Control. While difficult because of the constant turnover, inventory audits and control are a must. To make the task more manageable, divide the duties by assigning managers the responsibility for specific types of items.

Distribution Center Security Guards. Visible security guards are one way to deter theft on loading docks and other merchandise exit points. Distribution security guards keep a watchful eye on employee and truck drive activity as well as look for packages in the wrong locations. Access Control Security offers around-the-clock security guard options for distribution centers.

Separate Secure Areas. Valuables items, including electronic equipment, jewelry, high-end clothing and anything that can be easily sold, should be stored in a secure area that requires access through a locked entrance or by showing clearance to a security guard.

Video Surveillance. Odds are, employee theft can be caught on video. Have security personnel review surveillance video in real-time, especially sections of the facility that are prone to theft.

Employee Lockers. Provide lockers to employers to place their personal belongings. This will prevent employees from being tempted to place items in backpacks, bags or purses.

Employee Education. No doubt, there are nefarious employees whose primary goal is to steal, but the majority of those employees who steal do so because they see others steal and get away with it. Educate employees that the center takes employee theft seriously and those caught will be fired and prosecuted. Then, follow through.

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20:33 20 Apr 23
I have been working for 5 years. Never had any problems with them. Always paid me ontime.
Aldo MartinezAldo Martinez
08:27 21 Jan 23
A person that works here and was working at plaza Mexico conspired against this company to loose the plaza Mexico account so they could've bring another company and now he's back working for Ali after backstabbing him.
Uosh AhmedUosh Ahmed
09:23 09 Dec 21
Ali is a good person who helps and his job is easy. He tries to reduce the work on us, does not pressure us. I am very happy to work with him.
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03:16 04 Feb 19
one of the best company compare to the rest of the security companies in LA county and also in Orange county.i have been working with so many companies but to be honest this one is the best. they defend the security guards in every issues.i know Muhammad Ali who is really nice person. he deals with security guards in a very professional way. i work very few hours with these people but i like working here alot.i get paid very timely and the most important thing i like about these people is the management in northridge they are really nice people. i have talked to Fahim two times and he talks very nicely and politely. he seems very honest with the employes.laiq khan alizai
Muhammad Ali BadilMuhammad Ali Badil
05:32 08 Dec 17
Access control security is one of the best security companies in California all the guard are active efficient and competent. The supervisor are very cooperative and always available to guide their guard. The operational manager Mr salman is a highly qualified member of this team. Who plays a very important role in keeping the morale of his team always up.

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