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What are some major differences between a public security guard company and a private security guard company in Easton, Washington?

private security guard company in Easton, Washington

Washington houses many census-designated places that are home to unincorporated communities. Easton, Washington is one such census-designated place that houses a population of just 300 people. Easton is located in the Kittitas County of Washington and also hosts the annual 100-mile running race, Cascade Crest. Easton is a picturesque town nestled among snow-capped mountains and lush green landscapes. Easton, Washington also has a lower crime rate and a strong presence of government security forces but these are not very effective in safeguarding every individual. A government security guard takes care of the entire state and being present in a locality 24/7 is not possible for them. This is why it is important to hire a private security guard company in Easton, Washington.

How is a private security guard company in Easton, Washington more efficient than a government security guard?

  • A private security guard service usually costs more than a government security guard as a government security guard is fully funded by the government. A private security guard is a business that charges a hefty fee from their clients for their services. However, a private security guard patrols the premises 24/7 which helps them in detecting criminal activities.
  • Serving as a powerful and effective deterrent against criminals, a private security guard service is more effective in preventing a crime. A government-appointed official is not an effective deterrent as they are not present at a particular place 24/7.
  • A government security guard is only responsible for protecting the property of the state such as roads, railways, airports, museums, etc whereas a private security guard protects a person’s private property from any damage.
  • A government official might be trained and skilled but only a a private security guard company in Easton, Washington can respond immediately in emergencies and provide first-aid to people. Government security does not play a very active role in this case.
  • In case you need assistance or are facing any danger, rushing to the nearest appointed security guard is a better option than waiting for a government official to arrive and take action against the perpetrator.

Which is the best and most trusted private security guard company in Easton, Washington and why?

Access Control Security (ACS) holds an invaluable experience of more than 30 years and is the best private security guard company in Easton, Washington, here is why:

  • ACS patrols their premises 24/7 actively.
  • ACS staff serves as an effective deterrent against criminals.
  • ACS protects people and their property.
  • ACS guards are skilled and well-trained.
  • ACS provides constant assistance to their clients.


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